Amazon Web
Managed Services

AWS Managed services provides ongoing management and monitoring of your AWS Cloud resources and applications. It enables your organization to focus more on your business be more safer, agile and innovative.

Let us help you to leverage your IT and Cloud Work. Reduce the time administrating your application and start focusing on your business.

Why us?

We are a technology partner company which innovates without depending on us. We guide, mentor and manage your web applications. As a Thailand's leading AWS Cloud partner, that helps you build innovations, not just a vendor dependency.

  • More than 1000 successful AWS Migrations.

  • Certified AWS Engineers.

  • More Productivity due to our Nearshore collaboration.

  • Implemented more than 100 AWS DevOps Projects.

  • More than 500 Customers in the Thailand.

  • More than 7 years of deploying AWS services.

  • Pioneers and leaders on AWS consultancy.

How do we help you with our AWS Managed Services?

  • We provide you with in-depth knowledge about AWS services, helping you to design, implement, deploy and maintain any application on AWS.

  • We implement AWS best practices for any kind of environment we create.

  • We follow the AWS best practices for security, optimization and high-availability applications.

  • We provide assistance to migrate and deploy any application on AWS.

  • We support multiple technology stacks for different applications and also Auto Scaling, Automation and Disaster Recovery. More availability zones and redundancy.

  • 24/7 World Class Support.

AWS Technologies we dominate.

We help you to improve and manage your applications in AWS.

Our AWS Cloud Migration Program

Program to Migrate to AWS and accelerate your Cloud transformation

Cloud Assessment.

AWS Architecture Design.

Migration Strategy.

Build AWS infrastructure.

Migrate application Data.

Transform your cloud-native Application.

AWS Well-Architected.

Implement deployment processes, CI & CD.

AWS Auto Scaling & resiliency

AWS DevOps automated services.

Docker and Microservices.

Continuous Security Compliance.

Maintain Deployments & releases

AWS Cost Optimization.

AWS Troubleshooting & Support.

Your All-In-One AWS Cloud Technology Partner

Forget about complex AWS cloud migration processes and let our experienced team provide end-to-end consulting, guidance and collaboration to make a risk-free AWS cloud adoption.