Our Collaboration Process

Our disruptive Dev & Ops practices allows your business to obtain full benefits of the cloud.

We are your best ally for Software Development


Serverless Modernization, Microservices and Docker Architecture, DevOps Automation, Kubernetes Clustering, CI/CD workflows, Security, HIPAA Compliance and SOC2


UX/UI Software development, API Integrations, Backend development, Frontend development (Angular, React, Value, Js), E-Comerce Development, etc.

What You Will Get

The Benefits of working with us
  • Dedicated Team that fits your needs We can provide you a team of experts that will add value to your organization

  • Daily Reporting (SCRUM) We follow the SCRUM methodology for any project. With this we ensure the communication workflow between the team and stakeholders.

  • Same Timezone We work hand-to-hand with your team to bring products faster to market. Forget about endless nights.

  • More work Done Get a better work done with a team of professionals working parallel with quality and effectiveness.

  • A team to support your back Apart from the engineers designated to work with you, we are a team of 50 IT engineers focued to improve your needs.

  • Cost Effective Solutions We create solutions that perform flawlessly at the same time of allowing you to decrease your expenses.

Our DevOps / Consultancy Process

From the beginning of any project until the end, we make sure that our solutions follow best developing, release practices.
  • Meeting Tell us more about the needs of your business and let us understand how we can help.

  • Composition We will determine the amount of resources and time to execute the project.

  • Deployment of the Solutions Our team will deploy the solution following best practices.

  • Proposal After knowing your needs, our technical team will get together to prepare a proposal that fits your needs.

  • Development Our team will be able to perform the proposed changes for your business.

  • Support & Monitoring After Our Team will monitor the solution to ensure it is always fast, secure and reliable.

Our Business Model

Dedicated Engineer

Are you in the need of finding someone who can help you in your DevOps tasks? We got you covered.

Dedicated Team

Let a team of dedicated professionals help you. we provide DevOps assistance for any task.

Fixed Price

Get a custom quote for a project that you want us to create. On this quote we will include the # of resources needed, time and technologies.

Get more benefits with a Nearshore Team

  • Awesome Team - We share the same culture thus we align with your team procedures.

  • Support in your Timezone​- Stop having early/nightly meetings. Work only in business hours.

  • A Team of Experts - A real IT experts for your business.

See how we helped them

SaaS Web Application

We automated and troubleshot critical applications, reducing downtime by 80%

AWS DevOps Financial Services

The best approach of a financial application

Health-Care application

This Case Study will give you an explanation of what was needed to implement in Ceranote to make it become HIPAA compliant.