AWS Well Architected Review

AWS Well Architected Framework is a consolidation of five
Pillars of Architecture that AWS suggests you to retain for your app to deliver with best chances of success.

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What is AWS Well Architected Framework ?

Is your architecture setup according to the best practices?
To make answer to this question easier, AWS has laid down a few guidelines in the form of a Framework that talks about key issues while we create an infrastructure on AWS cloud:

  • Operational Excellence : Run and monitor systems, deliver business value and improve supporting procedures.

  • Reliability : System must recover from infrastructure or service disruptions, scale up automatically as and when required and set be resistant to misconfigurations and internal network issues.

  • Performance Efficiency : Efficient use of Computing resources to meet system requirements and insightfully adapt to growing and falling demand as the situation changes.

  • Cost Optimisation : Ability to eliminate leakages in the system and avoid unintended expenditure.

Use the AWS Well-Architected Framework to understand the pros and cons while building systems on AWS.
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Our track record shows that Insights and recommendations delivered in a Session have been trusted and implemented by companies who opted in for the Well Architected Review
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*This is 100% FREE session, no credit card/ commitment required.

How AquaOrange Well Architected Session Works

We follow a systematic approach to gather input and convert the review outcome into actionable insights and recommendations

PHASE 1 : Probing and Learning

  • We get on a call or face to face conversations with you

  • ​Our AWS expert engineers share a set of standard questions with you

  • ​We do not need security access or confidential data of your company, this is not an audit

  • We understand your current infrastructure and workload

  • ​​Your answers form the basis of the Well Architected Review

PHASE 2 : Review and Assessment

  • We analyse your feedback to our probing on five pillars of AWS Well Architected Framework

  • ​​Our AWS Certified Engineers evaluate your infrastructure and application from the outside using agreed upon methods

  • ​​We point out the weaknesses and leakages in your application which might be hurting your business

  • ​We check for security lapses and presence of weak security policies

  • ​Complete set of recommendations and suggested edits are compiled in a report

PHASE 3 : Demo and PoC

  • ​Create Actionable items out of the assessment

  • ​We discuss such cases where we can make direct impact and offer as a solution

  • We merge our recommendations with previous case studies and offer proven solutions

  • Unique problems encountered in review are offered new solutions based upon the infrastructure and stage of the business

  • ​​Discuss the possibilities with your team

  • ​Present a PoC (Proof of Concept) and Service Offering in a live demonstration

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Why choose AquaOrange ?

We are your ideal technology partner. Simple as that. You can find a full spectrum of cloud services in our agency, like Compliance, Migration to Cloud, DevOps and Automation. You can count on us to manage your web applications.

  • Experienced in building scalable IT Infrastructure
  • ​Certified AWS Engineers
  • More Productivity due to our Nearshore collaboration
  • ​Implemented more than 100 AWS DevOps Projects
  • ​​More than 500 Customers in the U.S
  • ​More than 7 years of deploying AWS services

*This is 100% FREE session, no credit card/ commitment required.

AquaOrange DevOps Consulting and Well Architected Framework

Boatsetter does its business via an online web application based on AWS trying to leverage the performance and scalability out of their infrastructure built around CloudFront, EC2, RDS, ELB, VPC.

Benefits of AquaOrange Well Architected Session

Improvise your infrastructure based on 5 pillars of
AWS Well Architected Framework

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Its a completely Free session where we assess you workloads and try to suggest improvements completely by scanning from outside without the hassle of NDAs and granting internal permissions

Set Your Priorities

Once started, set your priorities based on which pillar s of the AWS Well Architected Framework are more important to you than others. Get customised reports

Implement Improvements

Our Demo and Proof of Concept shows the originality of our solutions and tightly in adherence to your application and industry of operations

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*This is 100% FREE session, no credit card/ commitment required.